About Us

We lead a consortium of Forex expert traders that helps you to multiply your money efficiently through the Multi-billion dollar Forex exchange industry.
Our company is handling the administrative process and contracts with all investors. 

Who We Are

Yellow Point Investment Ltd has evolved within a very short time into a global force in Forex trading. The company’s trading focus is investment oriented with a perspective that is combined with solid financial backing. This systemic routine sets it apart. From its Support desks to its detailed Forex analytics team, Yellow Traders has created a niche system of adequately fulfilling its quota to investors.

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Yes, We are registered in Nigeria with all the relevant bodies.

Yes, your funds are secured and we even guarantee the safety of your funds further by signing a memorandum of understanding with you stating clearly that your capital will be refunded if anything changes.

Minimum amount for investment is N150,000 naira
N150K-N4.99M 👉 20%
N5M-N9.99M 👉15%
N10M-N19.99M 👉10%
N20M-N29.99M 👉 5%
N30M-N49.99M 👉 2.5%
N50M-N100M 👉 1%
N100M-N150M 👉 0.3%

Go to www.yellowtraders.org and fill the registration form, then pay into our  designated account, Kindly Confir your payment by uploading your proof of payment to the designated section  or send it as a support ticket or email it to Proofofpayment@yellowtraders.org  and finally call Yellowcare on +2349044777077 or +2349044777117 for confirmation and they can also add you to Investors WhatsApp page as well if you want

As of August 1st 2020, Corporate investment is opened. Kindly fill the Corporate registration form to invest.

Yes, All you have to do is fill the investment for on yellowtraders.org and you would send your proof of payment to Proofofpayment@yellowtraders.org


Investors Questions

Yes, You can update your details like phone number, email and bank details by sending a mail to yellowcare@yellowtraders.org

To update crucial details like your full name, and date of birth with account name your Regulatory Valid ID card (International Passport, Drivers License or Voters card) must be tendered. 

Yes and we call it ”top up” and minimum amount of top-up is N150,000
You can top-up your investment within 10 days after collecting your return on investment ROI,
To top-up, simply go to our website
www.yellowtraders.org and fill the top-up form
Pay your top-up amount to the designated account number
Update your proof of payment on the Proof of payment page by entering in your trader ID and transaction ID which was sent to you when you filled the form. 
Call the yellowcare service for more information.

As an individual investor, you can invest for 3 months, and 6 months investment

As a corporate organization, you can invest 6 months, 9 months, and 12 months.

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